Utility Garment- ACT-V2

Utility Garment- ACT-V2


In order to push design forward, we had to break down the human form into it’s rudimentary shapes, similar to a cubism like construct and then recompile the human silhouette back in a modernist way by playing with asymmetry and volume.

The philosophy behind this piece was to act as a non-intrusive, utility centered garment accessory that assists in elevating the look in an effortless, sophisticated way.

This design concept has a modular, convertible, reversible, ergonomic and cross-functional aspect to it in order maximize it’s utility with it’s wearer and adapt to any look and to be worn in a unique and very personal manner when equipped.


  • Apron

  • Crossbody bag

  • Tote hand bag


  • Cotton Polyester blend

  • Water resistant quilt

  • Parachord

  • Vinyl


  • 15 x 21

Compiled & rendered in USA

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