Utility Garment- VB

Utility Garment- VB


The next tectonic shift in fashion design history has come and at it’s epicenter, Utility.

This rig is true philosophy, transmogrified into a physical state to act as a conduit to push the utility expression forward.

The modularity, convertibility and reversibility of this hybrid design will break any preconceived notions that organized institutions have instilled on what garment and tool ‘is’.

When worn in full regalia, this garment ceases to become a deconstructed, cut and sew canvas of customizable versatility and becomes a vehicle in which to deliver the edict of the utility garment archtype to society.


  • Utility vest

  • Utility handbag


  • Quilt

  • Nylon cotton blend

  • Metal and plastic hardware

  • Nylon webbing

  • Velcro

  • Vinyl


  • 14 x 13

Compiled & rendered in USA

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